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Our this SEO Course in Chandigarh focuses on the technical, mobile and social strategies designed to increase traffic on website, blogs, apps and stores. When you will join our SEO Training Programs in Chandigarh  how to develop SEO for global consumers through content localization, global team integration and local search engine optimization. You will learn to discover strategies for designing mobile-friendly websites, exploring mobile apps and exploiting social media to boost organic SEO traffic via our Advanced SEO  Classes in Chandigarh. You will  also learn  how to recognize key SEO metrics, collect, define, validate and report success to your customers.

  • Additional assignments of over 100+ hours
  • You gain a globally recognized certification
  • Weekend & Weekdays Classes Available
  • Hands-on experience in a live project
  • Attend Free Demo Classes

What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process to increase the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or website to users of a web search engine.

When any user searches on Google and the list of results shown to users is called “SERPs” or “Search Engine Results Pages.” If you are the owner of the site and your website is not available on the first page of the SERPs, you need to upgrade your website according to polices of search engine to make it more accessible this process is called SEO.  But the importance is not enough to put your website on Google’s first list, there are many considerations and some of them significant are the DA, PA, PR, Trust Score, etc.

Why SEO  (Search Engine Optimization Important) ?

SEO marketing is more critical than ever in today’s competitive marketplace. Search engines serve millions of users each day in search of answers to their questions or solutions to their problems. If you have a website, blog or online store, SEO can help you get targeted free traffic from your search engine.

  • More than 75 % users on search engine more likely to click on one of the top 5 recommendations in the Search Engine Results page (SERPS). 
  • SEO is not just about search engines but effective SEO practices boost the user experience and usability of a website.
  • SEO is important because SEO keeps the search results of websites fair.
  • Higher you rank of  your  webpages, the more clicks and traffic your business will generate.
  • SEO works to builds trust and credibility between business and audience.
  • SEO Impacts very seriously the buying cycle of business
  • SEO is a Long-term strategy.
  • Understanding SEO lets you comprehend the Web world.
  • High-quality SEO will always figure out a way to explore and exploit fresh brand opportunities

What are the main stages of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process?

For ease, though, SEO can be broken down into three main types:

  • Technical SEO: Professional SEO helps you to ensure that search engines can crawl and index your website without any problems.
  • On-site SEO: the rules to be applied to your site and the content to make your search engine user-friendly.
  • SEO off-site: ways to promote your website or blog to a higher ranking in search results.

What is the best way to learn how SEO Works?

The best way to learn how your SEO campaign is working is go through SEO practice from  basic to advance level. If rankings and organic traffic of your webpages are improving, that means you are going in the right direction but your results are not improving than you need to revise your SEO strategy and action plan.

Phase 1) In this Phase, you require to discuss business goals with clients.

Phase 2) You can start with an initial review of keywords.

Phase 3) describe the home page and keyword combination.

Phase 4) procedure and get the authorization by the client for Keyword / Landing Pages.

Phase 5) The rating and traffic reports are completed and the SEO process begins.

Phase 6) You need to do on-site & off-site optimal control actions in this step.

Phase 7) Detailed documents for the recommendation.

Phase 8) Implement your own SEO methods.

Phase 9) Perform monitoring and optimizing.

Helps You to Measure the Success Of SEO:
  • Keyword ranking.
  • Website traffic.
  • Creating an impression of your website.
  • Increased Revenue and keyword.
  • Lower dependence on Paid Search.
  • Lowering the cost per acquisition.
  • Lower Paid Search dependency.
  • Reducing the cost per acquisition.

Guidance About On-Page , Off-Page SEO and Technical SEO

1.)    On-Page SEO: On-page SEO is the method of optimizing web page content for search engines and users, this process is also known as ‘on-site SEO’. On-page SEO technique usually focuses on website content, the use of keywords in names, headings, website frameworks, and internal and external links.

Here are some critical  factors for On-Page SEO:

SEO Title and Meta Description Tags Optimization:

  • SEO Titles and meta descriptions should be unique for each page of website.
  • The length of SEO Titles should be between 50 – 65 characters.
  • The meta description tag should not contain more than 158 characters.
  • SEO Titles and meta descriptions should naturally include keywords.

Anchor Tag Optimization:

  • All links links in webpages must be made by using anchor text.
  • Try to insert a title on each anchor text on web page.
  • Exact keywords were never used as anchor text.

Image Optimization:

  • Filename of an image should be clear. In your file name, you can use keyword too.
  • All image must have keyword as an alt tag.
  • Always  use light weight images on your webpages.

Internal Linking Optimization:

  • Create internal links using anchor text.
  • Link to your home page all the relevant pages.
  • Must include at least 2-5 internal links per page.

Content Optimization:

  • The website’s content should be fresh and unique.
  • Content should be written in small paragraphs.
  • Inclusion of primary and secondary keywords properly

2.)    Off-Page Optimization SEO: Off-page optimization is described as the technique that helps the website enhance its search engine results rankings.

3.)    Technical SEO :Technical SEO is a tool for optimizing the crawling and indexing stage of your website. This SEO is classified as Technical SEO because the actual content of the website or part of your website does not affect it.

Below  are the  some important tips for Technical SEO:

  • Optimize your robots.txt files and 404 page of your website
  • Optimize your URL Structure of web pages
  • Use of schema markup for different goals of website
  • optimization of  the loading speed of website
  • Mobile-friendliness optimization for websites

Techniques of SEO Optimization

  • Keywords relating to your company should be studied.
  • Identify your competitors, use benchmarking methods
  • For each page, add descriptive title tags
  • Use relevant keywords and internal web links in your content.
  • Receive inbound links from similar websites
  • Minimizing Loading Time of Website

What is a Black hat and white hat SEO?

White Hat SEO Black Hat SEO
White Hat SEO is a method that is used to boost search engine rankings in compliance with webmaster guidelines. Black Hat SEO is a method used to boost SEO that is not accepted by search engines.
You will never be penalized or have no chance of de-indexing your website when you use White Hat SEO. Black Hat SEO is a tactic that can restrict, de-indeed, or search engines can penalize your website.
White Hat SEO Methodology concerned with providing the users with quality and appropriate and highly engaging content. lack Hat SEO Don’t care about the quality of the content on webpages.
Company that is looking for a long-term commitment, the White Hat SEO approach is an ideal method. Black hat SEO strategies are used by a company searching for a fast financial return only not a brand value.
It mainly focuses on optimum use of keywords in title, metatags, and content. To get a higher search engine rank with Black hat SEO Methods, keyword density is boosted.

 SEO Certification Course in Chandigarh, India

Are you looking for the best SEO training in Chandigarh? Digital Flicks perfect place for those who want to launch their online digital marketing and SEO. Digital Flicks IS the most successful SEO Training institution in Chandigarh that provides professional SEO training courses in Chandigarh and with live local and international projects. Our SEO experts trainers have 10+ years of working experience in digital marketing and SEO training Industry. Our team offer the best SEO Training in Chandigarh.

SEO training in Chandigarh from the Digital Flicks Academy will help you understand the idea of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how you can use key strategies to boost your website’s organic in search engine results page ranking (SERPS) to drive more traffic to your website. Our SEO training in Chandigarh will also addresses all key terms and technological tips needed to develop an effective SEO strategy.

Our students will explore keyword research and the process of selecting appropriate keywords for your website for an effective SEO, as well as other types of online content optimization during the SEO Training Course in Chandigarh. During our Advanced level SEO Course in Chandigarh you will lean how to create and use effective content , use meta-tags , design across your website.

In our SEO Training in Chandigarh we will also discuss how websites are viewed and analyzed by search engine spiders and how to speed up the SEO indexing process. We also deliver Advanced Digital Marketing Courses in Chandigarh where you will learn about a variety of tools available to help in SEO Process.

SEO Training  in Chandigarh Course Objectives

If you are looking for a new career in SEO we will train you to become a professional SEO expert and make your industry ready . You will learn the right skills through comprehensive hands-on experience on a wide range of yeras and live projects that will teach you how to launch out your own digital marketing campaigns. Digital flicks is going to train you on the latest digital marketing tools and technologies with our expert designed SEO Course in Chandigarh to gain tips that will help to build your own smart strategy.

Here are some of the main objectives of SEO Training in Chandigarh.

  • Learn Search Engine Working Principles
  • Understand different forms of SEO
  • Learn SEO Causes, evaluate and incorporate the same in a live project

What are the Seo Course modules covered in Our Training

In our Syllabus of SEO Training in Chandigarh, we guide you a wide range of modules. Our in-depth and advance level SEO course will be help you to become a master in a SEO Industry. Our team deliver best in world SEO classroom and online training, . Our  Advanced level SEO training in Chandigarh is delivered  out by Certified SEO Gurus in the field of Digital Marketing who have several years of professional and industrial live project experience.

  • Learn how to rank your website or blog pages in top of search engines.
  • Get tips on advanced link building strategies 
  • Learn Google Webmaster from basic to Advanced level
  • Learn Google Analytics from basic to Advanced level
  • Learn Google Keyword Planner from basic to Advanced level
  • Experience Training on real-time projects
  • Learn How to write SEO Friendly  content 

On page Optimization

  • URL Optimization
  • What is 301 and 302 Redirections
  • What are 404 Error
  • Understanding Canonical tags
  • Understanding of H1, H2, H3 Tags Optimization
  • How to do Optimization of Image
  • How to Optimize Friendly SEO Content

Off page Optimization

  • What is Off page SEO
  • What are Backlinks?
  • How to get Backlinks
  • Quality Backlinks
  • website authority
  • Social Bookmarking Submission
  • Web 2.0 Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Press Release Submission
  • Forum Submission
  • PPT Submission
  • PDF Submission
  • Classified Submission
  • Business Listing

SEO Copywriting 

SEO copywriting is the process used to write text on a web page in such a way that the user can read it without any problem. Unique search words are also targeted in SEO copywriting process. Main aim of SEO copywriting process is to rank the targeted search terms extremely high in the search engines. 

How  Search Engines Works?

Search engine works in four different phase:

  • Crawling : Crawling is the process when Google , Bing or any other search engine send a their bot to a web page of website to read it.
  • Indexing : Indexing is the process of adding web pages of website to the data base of Google search.
  • Relevancy : Relevance is the method in which a search engine algorithm measures the relevance of website pages to the search query in its index.
  • Retrieving : In this phase you will get web results in SERP according to a search query made by user.


Latest Google SEO Updates and Algorithms

Google Panda Update: Google Panda Update was launched in a 2011 was a major search results algorithm which hit the websites with thin, low quality content. Google Panda filtered out web results from search results pages (SERPs) which were made of poorly constructed and spammy content with aim of ranking higher.

Google Penguin algorithm: Google Penguin was a major update algorithm by Google that was first announced on April 24, 2012. Google Penguin aims to remove sites from the search results that have been trying to buying a links or unnaturally makings links to their website.

Rank Brain algorithm : Rank Brain algorithm is a search engine algorithm based on machine learning that allows Google to process search results to give users highly relevant search results.

Important Google updates
  • Fred Update– Fred Update updated checks low quality and repeated content on webpages.
  • Hummingbird Update
  • Pigeon – Pigeon Update checks for the preference of the local results

What is career scope after SEO?

There are a number of job prospects and career options that can be selected after completing advanced SEO training at Digital Flicks, Chandigarh. Some of the job titles in the SEO field are included.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Trainee
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Executive
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • ECommerce SEO Manager
  • SEO Agency Account Director
  • SEO Analytics Expert
  • SEO Manager
  • Conversion Rate Optimizer
  • Inbound Marketing Manager
  • Independent Freelance SEO specialist

What is the duration of an SEO course in Chandigarh?

This depends entirely on you how easily you understand the concept of SEO. We offer both a SEO crash course for professionals and business owners, as well as a regular course for students.

It also depends on the length of the SEO training center that offers SEO. The length of the SEO crash course is about 10 –15 days, while that of the normal crash course can take up to 30 days. The duration of the course will also be extended to 5–6 months if the student wishes to learn SEO on a live working website. The longer duration is due to the time it takes to rank pages in search engines. Mostly, the SEO Training Institute in Chandigarh will complete its course in one month. At the Digital Flicks Academy, too, we complete the basic and advanced SEO course in 30 days of time.

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FAQ for SEO Courses in Chandigarh 


Digital Flicks Institute offers training courses in chandigarh complete Internet Marketing where students are taught the working of Search Engines and all other aspects of Internet Marketing through customized mentoring. This learning is enhanced by providing practical training to students on live projects. Numerous programs of study have been designed to meet the specific needs of students.

Yes, we give certificates on successful completion of any of our Internet Marketing Course.

Students / Graduates / Employed / Housewives / Businessmen or anyone else who wants to build a career and has a working knowledge of computers will enter the Internet Marketing Courses and embark on a successful career.

Yes, we give 100% job assistance to all our students

Course Features

  • Lectures 9
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 50 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 0
  • Assessments Yes
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training classes in Chandigarh Syllabus 9

    • Lecture1.1
      Understanding Search Engines
    • Lecture1.2
      Introduction and Overview of Search Engine Optimization
    • Lecture1.3
      Website Structuring
    • Lecture1.4
      Search engine friendly content writing
    • Lecture1.5
      Keyword Research and Analysis
    • Lecture1.6
      Onpage Optimization
    • Lecture1.7
      Three types of SEO Techniques
    • Lecture1.8
      Offpage Optimization
    • Lecture1.9
      Live Projects on SEO
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