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Our intensive Digital marketing course in Chandigarh , delivered 100 % advanced skills, teaches the core digital marketing skills needed for the modern workplace. Get to learn Google Advertising (PPC), Analytics, Facebook Ads, SEO and more. Learn advanced digital marketing from basic level to expert level in the guidance of digital marketing experts with 10 + years of digital marketing excellence to taking your skills to the next stage of how to create traffic, leads, and sales! Meet your Trainer Now.

  • Additional assignments of over 100+ hours
  • You gain a globally recognized certification
  • Digital Training Excellence for over 12 years
  • Hands-on experience in a live project

Advanced Digital Marketing Course Training Chandigarh Mohali

Certified Digital Marketing Courses in Chandigarh and 100% job Placement assistance: Digital flicks is one of the best and top-rated award-winning Digital Marketing training institute in Chandigarh, Digital flicks is providing the best and ultimate top-level Digital Marketing training in Chandigarh with 100% live project training since 2013.

Digital Flicks is the well-known brand name in Educational sector Chandigarh for all your digital marketing training  and other web course needs. We have  have access of expert designed  curriculum with 60 + Advanced Digital Marketing Courses Modules. Our Students at our institution  can gain wide range of technical skills and practical experience  across all online platforms and its polices with the assistance of this Our Advance Digital  Marketing Training Program. Digital Flicks offer our certified and internationally valid training to working employees, business owners, and students who want to be a guru of digital marketing era.

Introduction to Digital Marketing- Best Digital Marketing Institution

Digital or online marketing is the promotion of products or services using digital technologies on the Internet, through mobile phone Apps, display advertising, social media marketing, search marketing, email marketing, and any other digital mediums. However, many marketing experts see digital marketing as a completely new field requiring a new approach to consumers and the latest ways of understanding how the buyer interacts with traditional marketing. Nowadays, digitally contacting people has become simpler, targeting target audiences and attracting them to their clients, because of this digital marketing has become a big part of the business.

Here’s a video of history’s first digital marketer:

[Image source: Wikipedia]

His name was: Guglielmo Marconi.


Top Digital Marketing Channels For Your Business

Here is a quick overview of some of the most common tactics for digital marketing and the platforms involved

1.      SEO: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization it is Optimization of search engines and method of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the exposure of a website or web page to online users and search engine.

To understand SEO’s true meaning, let’s break down the concept and look at the components:

Optimizing your content:
Try to target  Right Audience
  • Know Your Target Audience:   You need to be aware of who to reach for and how to approach. You need to understand how to consider the people with appropriate taste and desire.
  • Keyword Research : Keyword research is the method by which common search queries that are important to the interests of clients are found, researching keywords help you better understand your target audience. Keyword research also helpful for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) process as Keyword helps to promote your business to your target audience with quality and qualified leads.
  • SEO Audit :An SEO audit is an analysis of your website that, from a number of perspectives, highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your site. SEO Audit helps decide how well your website is a for search engines by examining clear text and code.
  1. Technical SEO-This section of the audit helps us to find out from a technical perspective how safe the website is and illustrate changes such as crawl problems.
  2. On-Page SEO- This involves elements such as copying and images that are available on your website.
  3. Off-Page SEO- This section helps us to discuss how it is possible to enhance off-site activities, such as link building.
Content optimization
  • Creating a correct title, keyword-based title help you create your keywords website style and purpose.
  •  Meta Description or Meta tags help to give the customer the basic idea about what the blog post is all about.

Now that you understand how to boost website traffic, let us just look at the different forms of SEO in use.

Types Description
White Hat White Hat is the most common SEO methodology, using methodologies to boost a project’s ranking in search engines. It holds fewer risk and, over time, continues to have positive, cumulative benefit. It adheres to guidelines issued by Google Webmaster.
Black Hat Black Hat ways to exploit the consider the problems in the techniques of search engines to get good ratings. It does not comply with the webmaster guidelines set by SEO. Using such strategies, rankings can expect volatile, rapid but short-lived development.
Grey Hat Grey hat SEO is neither black nor white, it blends the two instead. It’s a change from Black SEO to White SEO tactics, and vice versa.

[Image source: MOZ]

2.    Website Development: It is a big truth that the website is the center of every business and digital marketing campaign. A website is the place where most people will interact with your business. Because your business website helps in making the first impression on your audience so never forget to make smart web development strategies according to the guidelines of the digital marketing world.

3.     PPC Marketing: PPC or(pay-per-click ) is a way to market and gain higher visibility on search engines such as Google and Bing. PPC is the platform for online marketing where the advertiser have to pay specific amount to the search engine a fee, each time, the ad gets a clicked by a user. But without a clever plan and conservative tactics, pay-per-click can lead to major headaches. Let us see how PPC is important to the organization because of so much significance.

  • Pay For Only The Clicked Ads
  • Control over the budget and scheduling
  • You can measure and track
  • Results are fast
Things to note before you go for PPC.
  • Organize Your Campaign Properly : It is very essential to correctly plan your campaign and assign the appropriate amount of your budget for ad spending to-campaign. Your marketing campaign’s success and eventual effectiveness will depend on the target areas, demographics, keywords, landing pages of each campaign and how all of these apply to each ad category and overall campaign.
  • Landing Pages: A landing page is an excellent way to drive traffic, enhance SEO and create your business. It can also be the part of a powerful PPC approach. In order to create leads for potential conversion, about 70 % of B2B companies use landing pages.
  • Negative keywords: You need to use negative keywords when you want to make sure that your ad does not show a particular keyword phrase. By preventing your ad from appearing on irrelevant searches, you can save money on wasted clicks and build leads and conversions.
  • Ad targeting: You need to develop different ways of reaching your target consumers, including ad content, geographic position, behavioral and purchasing habits, consumer preferences, unique demographics, and more.
  • Pricing: A thorough knowledge of what the designs mean to your business strategy can be created. Include automatic and manual bidding, and much more.

4.     Content Writing and Marketing: A content marketing’s aim is to use content to attract targeted and potential customers. Content is usually published on an official website and blog networks then market by social media, SEO, email marketing and PPC campaigns.

5.     Email Marketing: Email marketing is the process of sending out a message via bulk of emails, usually to a set of potential audience.  Each email  may  includes  ads, query for a business , new promotional offers , donations or survey vai  emails.

6.    Social Media Marketing: A social media marketing campaign’s primary objective is to do brand awareness and social signal building with users but when you move further into social media marketing, you can use it to generate business, or even as a direct sales network.

How can Social media help in meeting your business goals?
  • Increases the website traffic
  • Build formal conversations with the clients.
  • Raising brand awareness.
  • Creating a brand identity

7.    Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is the method of receiving a profit through the advertising of the goods of other people on  your own website and blog network. You can select a product that you like and you sell it to others and  with this you  can earn a big piece of income for every sale you make.

8.    Video Marketing: Video marketing refers to the use of video on digital platforms to sell or advertise your brand or service. In simplified way, you are said to be using video marketing when you use video to promote your brand , product or service, participate in social media networks.

Why Is Video Marketing Gaining Importance?

  • 76% of organizations that use video marketing claim it results in a positive ROI.
  • 93% of organizations claim that it improves the awareness of their product or service among consumers.
  • 72% of companies claim that their website conversion rate has increased.

9.    Facebook Marketing: As one of the largest social networking sites, Facebook is increasing dramatically in terms of users and traffic. As more people explore social networking sites, Facebook has become one of the key sources of social media on the internet for promoting your business, Facebook can be a huge benefit your company in many ways because through it, people learn more about goods, organizations and world events. You can use it as a distinctive marketing tool for brand building.

Benefits to your Business by Using Facebook as a Social Media Marketing tool

  • Facebook pages enable users / customers and brands to create a conversation or engagement between them.
  • Customer feedback is of crucial importance when it comes to marketing your company. Facebook allows us to consider the expectations of the client and their buying behavior.
  • Facebook allows Customers to share their feedbacks on the products and page directly.
  • As the Facebook business page increases its fan base, it helps drive the traffic to the website of company.
  • Facebook offers a completely new audience with brand visibility, which then allows the company to position itself in different and interesting ways.

10.    Instagram Marketing: Instagram marketing is simply another tactic used by more than 500 million daily users to distribute the promotional materials across a specific digital platform. In order to communicate with Consumers, tell the visual of their brands, and stake out a visual media presence, digital marketers must be able to master Instagram marketing.

11.  LinkedIn Marketing :LinkedIn is an organization and job-oriented service that works via websites and mobile apps. It is used primarily for the professional networking. You can target your existing and potential customers by using LinkedIn, and post quality content. On LinkedIn you can join relevant groups and share your content, or you can build your connection and post it on your own timeline to let people  about the work you are doing.

12.  Twitter Marketing :Twitter marketing has become a popular channel of digital marketing for even the savviest social marketers. The whole idea behind marketing on Twitter is to drive sales, generate leads, increase clicks, and increase downloads. Like every other social media platform, finding marketing success on Twitter takes strategic planning to stand out and keep your audience engaged.

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

Inbound marketing: Inbound marketing is a new marketing concept where marketers attempt to promote valuable content to potential buyers. Inbound marketing, also referred to as content marketing. Inbound marketing includes the production of blog posts, social media, infographics, white papers, email newsletters, and other content that users actually want to read.

Here’s the difference between inbound and outbound tactics.
Inbound Outbound
Tries to pull in readers of interest Pushes at everyone, unaware of interest,
Written for the needs of the customer Written for the needs of the product
Fluid and interactive Inert, one-way
Draws clients in Find out customers
It is part of the distribution of content. Disrupts consumption of content
Native habitat: blogs, social media, emails for opt-in, scan, influencer marketing Natural environment: show advertising, billboards, scripts for telemarketers, magazines, TV advertisements

What is the Scope and future of the Digital Marketing Course ?

The field of marketing is changing with time and demand. As a result, the customer’s requirements is also changing with increasing technology. Today, users likes to spending much of their time on social media networks, blogs, websites, video platforms etc.

Today , Every business wants to sell their goods and services online in order to reach a wider target audience and to have a strong online potential customer base. Nowadays, businesses need hype for their growth, and Digital Marketing is one of the active media that promotes their goods and brands over the Internet so internet marketing is, therefore, every hour’s need.

Nowadays, the industry of digital marketing is booming at a rapid pace, according to the report, the world will go digital by 2020, and internet users will rise to 635.8 million by 2021. As a result, all businesses are set to make their online presence and thus this change will generate a lot of job opportunities in this sector.

Looking for Best Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh ?

Digital marketing is in tremendous demand, but it is some miles away to become a common subject for students and this has resulted in a huge gap between certified professionals who, from day one, can be job ready and market demand. However, you do not need to worry as Digital Flicks Academy  has come up with an idea of end to end professional development in the era of digital marketing i.e. from skill-based training to placement support. Digital flicks Academy is one of the Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Chandigarh offering training from the past 6 years. You will get 1 hour class daily and 4 hours of work on multiple local and international Digital Marketing projects.

  • About 7 + Experience years.
  • Trained more than 3,000 + students.
  • A clear understanding of theory and practice.
  • High-grade accredited professionals.
  • We have linked to multinational companies with Hiring HRs.
  • All Trainers have expertise in their fields.
  • Our all trainers have Certifications in Google Adwords, Analytics Twitter, Bing, and Certification in Digital Marketing.
  • Learn from Highly Experienced Trainer (8+ Years)
Students Trained
Students PLACED

Start your career on the right track by reading from the industry leaders about Advanced Digital Marketing and social media marketing. Advertising distributed via digital platforms including Search Engines, Social Media, Youtube , Facebook, and Mobile phones.

Course Benefits of Digital Marketing Training

It is not difficult to learn the any new skills but the biggest challenge is how well you use it to practice and learn from mistakes. You mainly required expert guidance to learn every new professional skill set. Now, you can be a master in digital marketing era by taking an advanced digital marketing training course in Chandigarh. Our expert level digital marketing training in Chandigarh ideally to develop new technological and marketing skills for the foundation your career.

Our main aim is providing the job environment with fun through our Advanced Digital Marketing Courses in Chandigarh. Digital Flicks have taught 9000 + students till now and is one of the oldest & best digital marketing training institutes with affordable fees from the last 7 years. Digital Flicks is a Chandigarh’s top-rated and award-winning digital marketing institutes with many positive reviews, ratings, and online feedback from students who have previously enrolled in our on job training digital marketing courses in Chandigarh.

Digital Flicks Academy have 5 stars ratings for our digital marketing courses in Chandigarh in Google reviews provided by our students. We are located in sector 34-A of Chandigarh with the most affordable digital marketing course fees. We at digital flicks are making sure our students get the best online and in-class digital marketing training and so we also make sure that our students get taught by certified and experienced professionals. Our team offer immersive digital marketing training in Chandigarh with an opportunity to work on live local and global clients projects. We are offering a life time learning access that means you can join our digital marketing classes until do not you feel you are ready for better career and business.

Digital Marketing Courses in Chandigarh with Placements and  Free google certification announced that we are conducting For demo Classes of Advanced Digital Marketing Training  . Call , , and save your seat now!

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About Your Trainer

Mr. kuljeet Singh Deol is a rare talent in the age of digital marketing. He blends a deep knowledge of technical skills with a highly analytical approach to his work. This easily adapts to the ever-changing digital marketing world and is often far ahead of the curve. Under kuljeet and its professional guidance & mentorship teams, digital flicks have trained more than 3000 + Classroom, Online, and Corporate Learning students with excellent feedback.

Digital Marketing Training Benefits for Freshers/Graduates/Students

  • Take this course and get a job after your graduation.
  • Join the Ecommerce or IT / Software industry with a good salary.
  • Earn extra money when working as a freelancer.
  • Digital marketing has a good potential in the future

Digital Marketing Training Benefits for Entrepreneurs/Business Owners

  • Owns a business, do you want your company Presence online? This course fits the best.
  • Learn how to promote your official or personal website on the Internet.
  • Cost-Effective Digital Tools such as SEO, PPC, Social Networking, Mobile Marketing, and so on.
  • Improve user access to your website.
  • Boost revenue by 500%.
  • Better ROI return on investment compared to traditional ads.
  • We make you experts plan your marketing efforts on your own.

Digital Marketing Training Benefits for Working Professionals & Marketing Professionals

  • Become a Web Marketing Expert on Demand.
  • The job market is booming and marketers are relying more on digital marketing than ever before.
  • Switch from Offline Media to Online Promotions.
  • Generate more money to work as a freelancer

Full Stack Digital Marketing – Most Value for Money Course‎ in Chandigarh

Digital Flicks is a place to learn and develop with fun, we are not a like other institutions that works with the aim to makes money from students. We always keep transparency and authenticity with our student this is the big reason why our each student who has passed out has always been happy with our services, and this is our greatest push.

We are Chandigarh’s top digital marketing institutes with 100 % job placement support to jobseekers. First, you don’t have to pay the fees, you can go to the demo class first to see the learning experience and then make your choice as you want. We have been rated the best and Leading Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Chandigarh by many prominent bloggers. Our Digital Marketing courses in Chandigarh are designed to kick-start or refine your knowledge in digital marketing so that you can acquire new skills and pursue your desired career in digital marketing. Our Digital Marketing course will include workshops conducted by our in-house experts, allowing you to understand the key theoretical components of digital marketing in context and helping to create a successful digital strategy. Request now to get a free demo.

Why start  Career in Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing professionals are in big demand these days.
  • Digital Marketing jobs are in huge demand
  • Digital Marketing is the easiest and high paying era
  • No, Coding Required

Digital Marketing Jobs & Career Opportunities

It is impossible to build a successful professional career in the digital marketing world without having the correct information about its basics. As the top-ranked and best awarded digital marketing institutes in Chandigarh, Digital Flicks helps the fresher or student to understand the basics and advanced concept of digital marketing world through the classroom session and online classes of Digital Marketing.

We have experienced and industry expert training faculties for digital marketing that will guide you step-by-step on digital marketing principles and let you know how to create an effective digital marketing strategy that delivers High ROI, revenue, boost leads, and upgrade conversion.

Best Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Chandigarh: An advanced and certified training program for trainees to learn from us on Digital Marketing training .

Students who are looking for an Institute for Digital Marketing courses in Chandigarh need to approach us because we are working to increase’ the productivity and polish skills of he candidates . Our in house and expert designed digital marketing courses in Chandigarh cover nearly each and every path going through the digital marketing era trough our digital marketing curriculum. In keeping with the convenience of those students who are already enrolled in other courses, we have structured our Digital Marketing classes plan, so that they can attend weekend classes. Our Digital Marketing Classes in Chandigarh also improves the efficiency of working candidates. College passed students who are are looking for digital marketing jobs, often they face rejection just because they lack clever marketing skills in digital marketing era and digital flicks is a platform where they can acquire the latest digital marketing skills. Our main priority is to provide high-quality and value-effective education for students in new India.

About Digital Flicks – Digital Marketing Courses in Chandigarh, India

Digital Marketing Flicks, a well-known Digital Marketing Training Institute, offers a comprehensive Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh that will give you the free certification to dive into this sea of opportunities. You will be in possession of the necessary skills to start your career after completing our Digital Marketing Courses in Chandigarh. You can choose a subject according to your interest and aptitude and you can start your career after the Digital Marketing training.

What are the job responsibilities of a Digital Marketer?

A digital marketer has been involved in everything that has been going on in the company since the marketing end. Digital marketers must take care of the website of the company, such as design, functionality. He even has to coordinate with web developers and designers for better performance. Not only limited to the site:

Digital marketer must maintain a partnership with the content curators and plan the marketing strategy, and then execute it accordingly. Digital Marketer is responsible for the advertising-sponsored on the website. The material must be strategized in the right way in order to produce the best results.

  • The marketer must maintain a partnership with the content editors and plan the marketing strategy and then apply it accordingly. Digital Marketer is responsible for the advertising-sponsored on the website. The material must be strategized in the right way in order to produce the best outcomes.
  • Digital Marketer is also responsible for checking that the company’s website can be easily found on the internet if someone looks for it. The digital marketer must, therefore, ensure that the SEO develops accordingly.
  • Ultimately, the most critical thing for digital marketers is e-commerce. Digital marketers need to ensure that a visit to the e-commerce platform leads to consumers and increases online sales.

What is the Average Salary for a Digital Marketer Expert in  Chandigarh?

The average salary of the digital marketer in Chandigarh India is can be between  4.5 LPA  to 12 LPA ,as the digital marketer is an all-rounder and has to take care of all the tasks in the field of internet marketing, so the salary of the digital marketer is very high compared to all other work roles in the field of digital marketing. We have several different specializations in digital marketing, so you will have many opportunities to start your career.

Junior & Mid-Level Career Options

  1. Digital marketing intern
  2. Digital marketing executive
  3. SEO Executive
  4. Link Building specialist
  5. Social media specialist
  6. Google Ads specialist
  7. Email marketing specialist
  8. Web Analyst
  9. Online reputation executive
  10. Content marketing executive

Higher Level Digital Marketing Job Titles

  1. Digital marketing strategist
  2. Digital marketing manager
  3. Social media manager
  4. Digital Marketing Head
  5. Paid Advertising manager
  6. Digital Branding Head

Online Marketing Course Chandigarh Details Provided by Digital Flicks

We have a basic and advanced training course in digital marketing in Chandigarh. Our main goal is to clarify all the fundamental concepts of our students and then move forward so that they have an in-depth understanding of Digital advertising and its structure.

Tips to Keep in Mind Before Selecting a Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh

  • Make a choice  whether you want an online class or offline course : Online classes are web-based, where you learn from stored or live lectures, while offline courses are one in which you have to attend classes on a regular basis.As experienced digital marketing experts, we always recommend an offline training course.
  • Prefer practical training above theoretical : Search for an institute that specializes in the delivery of practical knowledge. We strongly recommend a class training program that will discuss every element of digital marketing that provides you with hand-in-hand knowledge.
  • Google search your trainer or faculty : Don’t go for trendy institutes or large brand names. If you choose your institute, always ask for the name of the trainer or instructor and research it on the internet. The practical knowledge of the faculty is a key factor because it will be able to solve your questions by providing real-life examples. It’s still easy to communicate with real-life experiences
  • Course Flexibility : Often inquire about the flexibility of the course as if you are not able to take part in those lectures or should you repeat classes?

Scope of Digital Marketing in Online Business after Digital Marketing Training Course in Chandigarh

  • Become a Professional Blogger : Many digital marketing professionals prefer full-time blogging as their career option. Dedicated to working hard, many practitioners are not effective bloggers in their chosen field. Bloggers can generate revenue from ads and affiliate marketing strategies.
  • Earn with Affiliate Marketing & AdSense : You can launch your blog/website/app in a particular niche of your interest and initially work hard to create traffic and viewers. You will make good revenue with AdSense & affiliate marketing strategies after generating good traffic.
  • Start Freelancing Services :  Freelancing is the practice of providing your services to clients from your home on a part-time basis. Sitting at home, you can create your clients around the world. Thanks to online websites such as fiverr.com, freelancer.com and so on, you can start offering your freelance services.
  •  Start your own agency : If you have experience in running a company and have money, you will have contact. You can operate a full-time digital marketing agency of your own. With your agency, you will create marketing campaigns for clients and execute them through digital marketing.
  •  Become a YouTuber : You can choose to be a full-time YouTuber in a designated niche. You need to concentrate on content quality and create a YouTube community for your audience. You will make money with YouTube monetization once you start receiving subscribers and views.

What makes Digital Flicks provide the best Digital Marketing course in Chandigarh

  • Learn Practically from Industry Expert: We more focus on practical knowledge by making our students work on our live projects.
  • No Registration Fees and Examination Fees
  • Get trained by top industry experts and Free Life Time Learning Access.
  • get the free classes for covering the topic in the case that you missed any topic.
  • Google and other major Certification: Get a major Industry recognized certificate from Bing, Hubspot, and Google, etc.
  • Weekdays and weekend Batches special time for working Professionals.
  • Cracking interviews in MNCs, Mid-Range Companies & Agencies
  • Creating Marketing Proposals, Live Campaigns

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FAQ for Digital Marketing Courses in Chandigarh

Question1.) What is the Fee of Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh?

Answer 1.)  Fees of Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh start from i.e Rs 20000 and can go up to Rs 40000.

Question 2.) What is the Duration of the Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh?

Answer 2.)  Duration of Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh is 1 to 3 months and in some cases, it can be upto 6 months also.

Question 3.) Do this Digital Marketing Course is Sufficient to Get Job ?

Answer 3.) Well as we all know that after the concept of digital India demand for online marketing experts in the Indian industry increasing day by day. So, you can easily get a job if you do this Advanced Digital Marketing Course.

Question 4.) What techniques You will Learn in this Digital Marketing Course provided by Digital Flicks?

Answer 4.)  You will practically learn all major digital marketing skills like SEO, ORM, PPC, SMO, SMM, Youtube marketing, Facebook advertisements, Instagram Marketing, and much more. You will also get advanced tips to give on an overview of Google Adsense & Google Affiliate Marketing and much more.

Question 5.) What Education skills  Needed To do  This Digital Marketing Training program ?

Answer 5.) To learn this digital marketing training program, you need to have basic knowledge of computers with a good passion to learn.

Question 6.) What are the Things Required During the Digital Marketing Training program?

Answer 6.) You need to carry your laptop with a notebook and a pen.

Question 7.) Does Digital Flicks Teach The Way To Make  Money online by working from Home in this  Course?

Answer 7.) Yes in our this Digital Marketing Training program, we will teach you some methods Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.

Question 8.) What is the Minimum salary which we can get after the Digital Marketing Training program in Chandigarh?

Answer 8.) Being a Digital Marketing professional, the salary is quite good. In Chandigarh, the starting salary is from 15k to 20K.

Question 9.) In Which Industry Can I Get Job After this Digital Marketing Training Course?

Answer 9.) After Digital Marketing Training you can get a job in MNCs, eCommerce companies, pharma companies, educational institutes, Software companies, etc.

Question 10.) I Have My Own business. Do this Digital Marketing course helpful for me?

Answer 10.) Yes, a 100% digital marketing course is very beneficial for you.

Course Features

  • Lectures 14
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 150 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 26
  • Assessments Yes