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Advanced PPC Training in Chandigarh:  Best Adwords certification, PPC Training in Chandigarh offered by Digital Flicks Chandigarh’s top-ranked institute. Digital Flicks provides the most advanced PPC Course in Chandigarh to those candidates who are willing to make their profession in paid marketing module of digital which is PPC (Pay Per Click) or who are interested to make their career as freelancing. Team of Digital Flicks also teaches to business persons through our digital marketing training program in Chandigarh, who wants to promote their Business with Google Ads.

  • Our Batch size of PPC Training will be a maximum of 5-7 students per batch.
  • Fully On Job oriented PPC training programs in Chandigarh.
  • special PPC training programs for business owners.
  • PPC training for job seekers and graduate students.
  • Free Google ads Certification after course.
  • 100% job placement support.
  • The free 6-months internship program with partner companies.
  • Training by Industry experts with above 8 years of Industry Experience.
We offer one training program 20+  Certifications + Job support. Book Your Free Demo Class Toady!

Meet your Google Certified  PPC Trainers For PPC Courses in Chandigarh 

We don’t have any hired faculty our all topics of digital marketing course are taught by Founder & CEO of digital flicks, Mr kuljeet singh deol is an expert digital marketer and Google, Bings certified trainer with 7+Years of Digital Marketing experience provides the best PPC training experience.

To know more or to get in touch with the expert with a call – +91-7973882670, or simply mail at [email protected] – you can meet your trainer here.

What Coves Google AdWords PPC Training in Chandigarh?

Our this advanced Google Ads or PPC training in Chandigarh includes all you need to know from Google AdWords basics to keyword analysis, keyword grouping, campaign structuring, ads copy building, quality score, account set-up, a conversion tracking code set-up, campaign management, optimizing & monitoring, Google PPC Analytics, Display Advertising, Remarketing, Shopping Ads, Video Ads & Excel techniques even.

Certified Google Ads Training Chandigarh is a 30-hour PPC Course in Chandigarh is an advanced program developed with one aim in mind: to make you a Google Ads Professional.

What is Google Adwords or Google Ads?

Google Ads previously known as Google AdWords, is an online advertising tool developed by Google, where advertisers pay to the search engines to display brief advertisements such as service offerings, video content marketing, generate mobile application installs within the Google ad network to web users. Nowadays Google AdWords Course Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most effective and powerful parts of digital marketing. Given the almost omnipresent nature of online advertising in our daily lives, it can be difficult to remember a time when it is not the norm to be exposed to an ad every time you open a browser or a web page. With the launch of Google AdWords in 2000, advertisers were able to reach their target customers in areas they already spent time. While today we may lament the fact that ads may feel intrusive, it is important to bear in mind that these small blocks of texts and images keep Internet users at a low cost.

The History Of PPC [1996 – 2020]

Let’s look at some figures before we jump into PPC’s history. Google’s ad sales reached $32.6 billion in 2018 this seems like a huge number, but the companies that contribute to that figure can rest assured that those dollars were well spent on advertising. It is estimated that the average business produces $2 in sales for each $1 spent on Google AdWords. This is not surprising since Google holds 71 % of the market share of the quest. Let’s look back at the milestones that contributed to these amazing numbers in time. Google rolled out the first edition of AdWords in 2000, with the service being used by only 350 advertisers. The next major development came with the launch of cost-per-click (CPC) in 2002–a crucial metric for online marketers around the world today. This would later work in tandem with PPC (pay-per-click), the base of the advertising platform of Google.

PPC marketing has several benefits that are not available via other advertisement channels. For example, as you only pay once your website is reached by a client, it gives you much more flexibility over how much you want to spend to see results. PPC is also measurable. Determining ROI in marketing is never going to be as black and white as some might expect, but knowing exactly how much money you pay for exactly how many clicks on your website will give you a good idea of what you’re getting, and allowing you to change strategies accordingly.

What PPC requires nowadays for advertising?

Nowadays, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Google AdWords is one of the best modern advertising strategies in digital marketing that is used to target the favorite audience to increase the sale. our advanced PPC Course is designed to transform you into a certified Google Ads professional. Join our advance Google Ads training classes and follow our special learning path designed by certified industry experts and fast-track your career. we will teach you how to be master of pay per click, Google AdWords, display advertising, conversion optimization.

For making effective Google AdWords/Ads campaigns, you need to go for advanced PPC or Google AdWords training. This training course will create the best result in the quickest possible manner. To ensure effective and long-term results in the PPC era, you need to practice practical concepts of PPC or Google AdWords. Digital Flicks is one of the best PPC training institutes in Chandigarh that lets you get trained in theoretical as well as practical concepts of Google AdWords would be the best fit for you.

According to the research, on average, Google is processing 40,000 searches per second worldwide. 1.2 Billion searches a year and 3.5 Billion searches a day. The digital platform will influence India’s sales of more than 31,433.4Crore by 2020. Worldwide, 1.5 billion websites are available on the Internet. Google considers more than 200 on-page and off-page factors to determine a website’s rank. So, ranking using Search Engine Optimization techniques will take time for a website. Therefore, there will be no traffic from organic tests on the new website. Paid platform advertising helps to get instant traffic to a website. It will be boon to get high traffic for Startups and New pages. Google search ads will appear before the results are organic. Just two variables will determine the rank of Google ads. Even popular brands run Google ads to drive to their platforms High Volume High Intended audience.

What Skills Does Our PPC Course in Chandigarh Teach?

Our students at Digital Flicks not only learn the advance skills and techniques of Google AdWords/Ads/PPC campaigns but also learn the advance and hidden techniques to attract more local and global customers on business websites using PPC/Google Ads/AdWords campaigns , so join the best institute for PPC training in Chandigarh and make yourself successful in the field of Google AdWords /Google Ads.This PPC course covers all you need to learn from, What is Google Ads, PPC Website Analysis, Google AdWords Keyword Study, Keyword Categorization, Campaign Design, Ad copy Development, Performance Rating, PPC Account Setup, Campaign Management, PPC Optimization & Reporting, Remarketing Search & Display Network Campaigning, Google Adwords Editor, Google PPC Analytics.

PPC Training Classes in Chandigarh course objectives:

If you are looking for a new profession in PPC or just want to add digital to your current skill set, we will get you prepared to be a professional PPC and get you ready for the industry on the first day. By detailed hands-on practice, you can acquire the right skills on a variety of experiments and projects that will help you to launch and implement your own PPC campaigns. We are going to train you on the new PPC tools, show you how they work and gain knowledge that will help you understand the strategy.

  • Creating brand awareness to build new leads through ads
  • Develop audience interest in your domain or company.
  • Lower bounce rates on your site.
  • Optimization of the market is focused on your service.
  • Raising customer experience and commitment to the company.
  • Comprehending and specifically engaging the customers with their needs.
  • Promote the launch of your new services or product.
  • Survey your market for long-term confirmation of your idea and its use.

Why choose PPC Course from Digital Flicks?

Digital Flicks is one of the best leading Google Ads training course institutes in Chandigarh with 100% job placement assistance. Our experienced PPC trainers are google and Bing certified industry experts and we offer our students one to one PPC training classrooms. Our Google Ads training course is designed by industry experts and certified trainers for those who want to start using PPC or Google Ads from the basic level and covers all the main strategies, tools, and techniques to help you create and manage a successful PPC or Google AdWords campaign.

PPC Course in Chandigarh – Syllabus of  Course Overview

Our certified Google  Ads training programs will include 30+ Hours of Theory and practical classes, project assignments, case studies of top barnds, , live project work. our course will include the following topics.

Module1 – Basics of SEM

Basics of SEO and Search engine
Introduction to Search Engine Marketing
Benefits of Paid Ads
Types of Campaigns
Account set-up and Campaign management
Keyword Research
PPC Metrics & Formulae’s

Module 2 – Introduction to Search Network

Match Types
Bidding Strategy
Campaign Structure
CPC, CPM, and CPA bidding models
Ad Extensions & Ad Formats
Bid Management, reporting, and analysis
Performance measurement and optimization

Module3 – introduction to Display Network

Running campaigns on the Display network
Re-targeting & Re-marketing
Basics of Google AdSense
Ad Formats and types
Audience & Interest-based Targeting
Advanced Optimization techniques

Module 4 –  Introduction to Video Advertising

Creation of YouTube Channel
Optimization of Video for Search Engines
Various ad formats and ad creation
Video Editing and optimizing
Performance measurement and optimization

Module 5 – Miscellaneous

Integration of Google search console & Analytics
A/B Testing & Multivibrate testing
Landing Page Optimization methods
Conversion Rate Optimization
Using Adwords Editor, Spyfu & Semrush
Creation & implementation of Conversion Tracking

Module 6 – Working on Live Projects

Working on Live Projects
Campaign creations and account setup
Case studies examples
Google Certification Exam

What you will get after completion of Google Adwords Professional Course in Chandigarh 

  • No more a fresher, but a professional fresher who can take up account management at Google Adwords from day 1 of his work profession.
  • Proper Review and Performance of Small / Medium / Large Paid Promotion Accounts with ease
  • Able to generate reports for management & use analytics tools to enhance the output of campaigns
  • How to think creatively with PPC Actions against your company objective
  • Forecasting of google ads budget and performance metrics
  • Better Keyword Analysis & Accompanying
  • How to use different free and paid PPC Tools?

AdWords Certification & PPC Course Benefits

Students should be able to prove expertise in running a small or large PPC campaign from a list of 100 to Lakhs keyword campaigns upon completing the PPC training mainly at Google Adwords and Bings. With Pay per Click, advertising help businesses & businesses expand. Trust in designing extensive Pay Per Click Adwords Marketing campaigns and traffic-driving tactics, and turning potential customers to leads or revenues.

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Question 1.) Which is the best PPC  training institute for advanced  PPC Courses in Chandigarh?

Answer 1.) Looking for PPC courses in Chandigarh? Join our online or offline for classes advanced training.

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