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Snapchat Marketing Training Institute Chandigarh

Snapchat as described is a mobile app that enables users to send and receive videos and pictures that are “self-destructive.” It’s a fun app that allows you to take photos and videos and send it to your friends that you can watch for 10 seconds before it’s just gone. Until submitting it, you can also add captions or doodles or filter / lens above. The main target market includes teenagers and adults. For connect with a community, it is definitely seen as a better platform.A narrative can be presented and distributed to followers or users who are able to view the material every 24 hours for limitless periods, which they claim will eventually disappear forever. What makes it so special is the emotional touch it gives the display of pictures making it very personal. Texting an apology note is not as powerful a tool as sending a video with the same message.

Besides that, there are geo filters that capture the place you’re in and project it in a snap with creative overlays, it’s much more exciting and fun to open up new business and spread a word across than to opt for the traditional advertising method. Every platform is better than today’s social networks, and Snapchat sure is gaining momentum and spreading news like wildfire. Snapchat’s basic foundation is “Be interested in the Moment,” enjoy it as long as it lasts!


Benefits of Snapchat for Business in Social Media Marketing

  • Snapchat allows you to communicate with your consumers in a different way, in a very interactive way, probably one of the most powerful ways of communicating and connecting with your target audience.
  • It’s one of the best ways to get in contact with the new public. You communicate with a group and a group of others just watch you, eventually becoming your target audience, without you having to go out of the way to convince them
  • Because of the personal interactions and snaps associated with it, customers feel relaxed and a sense of trust grows, making it easier to communicate with your company. And because the stories don’t last for more than 24 hours, fresh ones are made every day, making it more interesting, unlike other advertisements that stay forever and get crazy after a point.
  • By getting a glimpse of your workplace, customers can get a preview of your business. It makes your business more attractive and instills excitement when you show your audience what exactly happens behind the four walls and also gets them familiar with the whole setup. Just like films and their trailers behind the scenes, it catches the audience’s attention and gets more drawn and excited to watch the shots behind the scenes and most of them make it a point to watch the movie just to see how it looks with all the effects on the camera and they can compare it with what’s shown on the display. Snapchat makes your business more comfortable and attractive
  • Make the audience know they’re working with an up-to-date company with the latest trends. In showing glamorous snaps and trendy presenting to the viewer that they are aligned with a company that suits the changing world’s needs, the consumer thinks they are not engaging with old-fashioned products. After all, always be ahead of time Snapchat is about living in the moment, breathing in your experience, unlike YouTube or Facebook where an unwanted ad keeps repeating time and again making it very upsetting.

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